Cristal- heart Rideau

Have you ever read a single, short inspirational story that leaves a lasting impression in your mind? On June 11 and 12th of 2009, Cristal Bordeleau made an impact that will never be forgotten by all of her Rideau family. She brought our whole company together to

raise money for her Ride to Conquer Cancer. This fundraising activity was to raise funds to advance Cancer research for the Jewish General Hospital. The bike ride took Cristal from Montreal to Quebec City, a distance of over 200 kilometers!


Cristal needed to raise $2,500 in order to participate in this event; this was a substantial amount for her. In order to help her attain her goal, she was able to manage to get the support from the Rideau fundraising committee members who organized with her a company BBQ. All employees were invited to buy their lunch and every single dollar was given back to Cristal for what we believe is a great cause. She certainly did not expect that over 200 people would team up with her by lining up to buy their coupon eating hamburgers and hotdogs!!!

fund raiserWhat a pleasant surprise when we all saw that all her Rideau colleagues came along to help her in reaching her goal. Everyone wanted to give her their support. They were generous and only had encouraging words for her. It is with the support of her colleagues, friends and family that she was able to participate in what she refers to as being a “wonderful journey”.

This was a very long ride under two very rainy days and despite the fact that Cristal’s legs were on fire, she pushed herself to do it. She was in the direction of her third pit stop when she started to realize that she would never be able to complete the entire ride. She thought that she failed because she could not reach the last mile. This was most probably the hardest decision she had ever made as she felt she was giving up. She knew she had no other choice as she could run the risk of getting some serious medical problems.

bikes 3The beauty of this story is that she met a friend that day; the kind of friend that she will have for the rest of her life. This friend asked her what would be the purpose of staying in this ride if this was to completely destroy her knee. All she could do was to allow her to participate the year after. She was not giving up; she was just saving herself for round 2. What a powerful lesson this is for all of us!


Their sweat was nothing compared to the tears and sorrow cancer patients go through. However, it is people like Cristal who wake up one day having in mind that they want to make a difference. Her support will bring comfort to those affected by this terrible disease and this is only something that she can be proud of. There were 1,450 riders and together they raised $5.7 million dollars. When Cristal heard those numbers, she said that she stood proud for the amount of money they were able to raise but also because she felt proud thinking that her Rideau family contributed to her success! You could tell the great pride that being a part of Ride to Conquer Cancer has brought to her.

No one can predict when or where those great memories will come from. This is the kind of story that will stay with Cristal a lifetime and never fail to bring her warm and fuzzy feelings. This is the kind of story which inspires greatness in us all!

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