edphyllisOur lives are influenced by those that inspire us along our journey of life. We tend to emulate those that we either admire from a distance or up close.
The following story is about a man and woman who had the courage to dream and to take the actions required to achieve them.

In 1968, Ed and Phyllis Hart took out a second mortgage on their family home to acquire the Stephenson Company. It had five employees and was virtually bankrupt. Mr. and Mrs. Hart only had $1,000 of working capital to operate their new business and with four young children at home, their risks were huge. But they did not hesitate to pursue their dreams and laid the foundation for the company we have today, Rideau Recognition Solutions.

Someone said that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Mr. and Mrs. Hart taught their children the determination to move forward when facing life’s challenges. They demonstrated what commitment means and the importance of setting priorities. They showed courage and fought for the things they believed in.

As you take a look at how Rideau has evolved over time, it makes you believe that their contribution and example has made the impossible… possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Hart inspired their children and many others to build a vibrant company that today, still dreams about making the impossible… possible. This value and the courage to stake out leadership positions are still part of today’s culture and very well engrained. Mr. and Mrs. Hart achievements, their attitude and values continue to inspire their children and others.

We can only imagine how proud they are when they look at our company today. What a reward!

We hope their story has inspired you and lead you to believe that you can achieve extraordinary heights too if you only believe and reach for your dreams.

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