Strike Up A Power Pose!

After Usain Bolt won his gold medal, CNN came out with a great article asking if power posing can make you a winner.
There is actually a lot of science that would suggest that the answer is yes!

BoltAccording to Harvard Business School Professor, Amy J.C. Cuddy, “It’s not about the content of the message, but how you’re communicating it.” In her research, Professor Cuddy found that holding a high-power pose for a couple of minutes, actually stimulates the production of testosterone and can lower levels of cortisol. The former is linked to power while the latter is linked to stress. You can read more about Professor Cuddy’s research here.
So what is a power pose? Just stretch your arms. Stretch your legs. Put your hands and elbows behind your head. According to what I have read, it simply means taking up as much space a possible!

This research explains a lot and has a lot of practical applications. Not just for athletes, but for all of us.

One thing is for sure; I now understand why Madonna suggested we all strike up a pose in her song, Vogue!

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