We help our clients inspire greatness in their people through the power of recognition and rewards.

Relationships are the currency of business growth and development. However, in today’s fast-paced and highly-demanding environment, companies spend too little time nurturing their most valuable assets — their employees.

The result is that many employees are disengaged and productivity suffers. A Gallup study found that 82 per cent of employees say that the recognition or praise they receive at work motivates them to improve their performance.

Loyalty is hard to come by and even harder to cultivate. Successful businesses are those that learn to navigate these challenging waters and create strong relationship bonds with both their employees and their customers.

We believe real recognition should be sincerely felt, and its joy taken into the world and celebrated. That’s why our clients’ employees feel the impact of their recognition programs in their careers and take that recognition home everyday to share with their family and friends.

Unique, Tailored Solutions

When looking at recognition solutions, most organizations realize they can’t use a one size fits all program. Your company’s goals, culture and , especially, its people, are distinctive and deserve to be thought about in a well planned out and thoughtful way.

Rideau offers a full suite of recognition and reward solutions — from strategy and education to communications programs, tools and support services. It’s a complete turn-key approach.

All of our recognition and reward solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs – strategically, technologically, and globally.

Our Goal:

To help you paint a better world for your employees.

As we help inspire greatness in your employees, your company is able to drive increased productivity, see cost savings from reduced absenteeism and turnover, and improved overall customer satisfaction. According to an extensive Gallup Survey, highly engaged organizations have 2.6 times the growth rate in earnings per share (EPS) compared with organizations with lower engagement in the same industry.

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