Rideau receives RPI’s Excellence in Education Award and Rideau IT Director becomes this year’s RPI Spotlight
Award Winner

Montreal and New York City, May 3rd, 2010 – Rideau, leader in employee recognition solutions, was honoured at this year’s annual Recognition Professionals International (RPI) conference award ceremony with the Excellence in Education Award and the RPI Spotlight Award.

Rideau received the Excellence in Education Award for its belief and commitment towards the Certified Recognition Professionals (CRP) program. Today, almost all of Rideau’s executives and day-to-day recognition leaders hold recognition’s most prestigious professional designation.

Created by RPI, the four course CRP program teaches active recognition personnel how to design a recognition program ideally tailored to an organization’s specific needs. CRP also demonstrates ways to align recognition strategies to business objectives and culture, and focuses on measuring the impact of a recognition program as processes are improved.

In addition to the education award, Daniel Guerard, Rideau IT Director, received RPI’s Spotlight award for his volunteer work as an active member of the RPI Marketing & Communications team.

Daniel has been working at Rideau Recognition Solutions for 8 years, creating end to end secure technological solutions facilitating the employee-manager relationship. In addition to his workload at Rideau, Daniel signed up as a volunteer for RPI’s marketing and communication team. Daniel’s goal was to analyze and report on RPI’s website visit patterns to better understand whether the organization had been reaching their intended target audience. In addition, Daniel has never hesitated to help on other projects and has consistently brought up new ideas to enhance its strategies. His work and efforts within the RPI team has led the RPI Board of Directors to honour him with the RPI Spotlight Award.

“Daniel has been a constant source of both innovation and support to Rideau, and now to RPI. He is the perfect recipient for this award, and we are all extremely proud of him. It’s also such an honour and a great surprise for Rideau to receive the Education Award. It is thanks to all our employees that worked so hard to receive the certification. I am lucky to work with such an outstanding team!” said Peter Hart, Rideau President and CEO.

“Rideau is a great company whose commitment and leadership in the recognition field is outstanding. Daniel and the entire Rideau team have gone above and beyond!” said Lisa Massiello, President of RPI’s Board of Directors.

About RPI
Recognition Professionals International, formerly NAER, is an international non-profit association of employers existing to study, develop and promote systems that enhance employee engagement and performance through employee recognition. Research findings show that formal, informal and day-to-day recognition programs, when linked to the organizations values and goals, can create a culture of recognition that enhances employee engagement, performance and retention.

About Rideau
Rideau’s Technology Enabled Services enhances all of the relationships that impact business performance through a comprehensive suite of rewards and recognition products. Rideau’s Human Capital Management (HCM) offerings include performance awards that reinforce excellent work habits and celebrate achievement and service awards that commemorate loyalty. It’s a unique, bundled approach that has caught on among many of the Fortune 500 and leading HRO providers. From RBC to Boeing and from H&R Block to Bell Canada, global businesses of all sizes use Rideau’s rewards and recognition solutions to reduce turnover and engender loyalty. For more information, please go to http://www.Rideau.com or call 1.877.789.0449, extension 242.

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