Recognition supports the growth of your employee as individuals and helps them reach their full potential. Rideau performance award programs help you inspire greatness in your people to drive peak performance.

Program Solutions

•    Formal, “Best of the Best” Awards
Let your employees shine with seasonal formal awards that bring your employees together for a celebration of your most precious assets. Our system provides you with a portal that manages nominations and voting as well as a communal platform to keep the program top of mind year round.

•    Informal, Progressive Achievement Awards
Motivate and appreciate your employees when they achieve progress towards milestones or upon project completion. Our system provides an arena to celebrate achievements as well as manage reward redemption.

•    Social Networking & Knowledge Capital Sharing
Rideau leverages its online recognition platform tools to further facilitate employee relationships and increase employee engagement, retention and productivity. The networking systems let you use a proven and successful social experience to keep the channel of communication between employees open and active.

•    Peer-to-Peer Recognition Tools
Peer-to-peer recognition is an essential component to the development of a true recognition culture within any organization. It expands the ownership and responsibility of saying “Thank You,” “Congratulations!” and “Well Done” to everyone in the company. Our recognition tools give employees the conduit to recognition they need for increased peer appreciation.

•    Employee Contests & Incentives
Rideau’s tools and solutions can help you achieve any of your corporate goals. Our creative contests and incentives strategies will help you achieve the behaviors you’re looking for time and time again and get your employees to continually be excited and engaged.

How do we do it?

•    First class administration and support
•    Robust technology
•    Personalized real time reporting and analysis
•    International Award fulfillment
•    Award choices that reflect your people
•    Award personalization
•    Our program’s award vehicle can be personalized to your preferences, they may be:
–    Points
–    Levels\Achievements
–    Discretionary

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