People Artistry

For those of you who don’t know my good friend David Zinger, he is a very remarkable man. Based in Winnipeg, he founded the Employee Engagement Network. Please see Today, David hosts over 6,300 members on the Employee Engagement Network.David has written 3 books on engagement and over 2,500 blog posts. Don Macpherson of Modern Survey called David “the Switzerland of Employee Engagement”, while Vetter ranked David’s site as the number one employee engagement blog, stating “this man is the Michael Jordan of employee engagement”. I consider David to be one of the world’s top experts on employee engagement.


Last year I got a call from David… “We should write an e-book together”. Normally, I would have laughed the idea off but this was David, and over the years I have learned to take him very, very seriously!
So we kicked around the idea and gradually, the book became a reality. The title, “The Ennoblement Imperative: People Artistry” comes from two terms that David and I have used for quite a bit of time. Both of us think that helping to recognize and engage people is a noble cause, hence the Ennoblement Imperative. Both of us firmly believe that managing people is an art, thus came People Artistry.
Our objective in writing this book is to provide 10 Practices and 8 Tools that everyone can use to bring out the best in people and themselves.
I hope you enjoy our little book and get as much pleasure out of reading it as we did in creating it!
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