Misconceived Recognition: Knowing the Whole Story

Woman holding empty book-minNot knowing everything about how an outcome was achieved can result in giving one person acknowledgment for what we thought they had done or solely contributed to.
This means not knowing what is going on can get us into trouble by recognizing the wrong person, perhaps giving false attribution, and ignoring the supporting players behind the scenes.
Just make sure you know the whole story by talking to people.
* Ask probing questions on a regular basis of colleagues and employees to learn what they are working on.
* Find out who they are collaborating with on their various assignments.
* Seek out accounts of great contributions made by team members and game changing moments on the job.
* Know who is making a difference and how they are doing that.
* Always be asking people for names of people who are helping them to be successful.
I hope you can see why this is important. When we don’t find out the “rest of the story” we miss out on important facts, insights and just plain knowing who all the real players are.
By attaching the full cast of players and support people to every task accomplished we can then truly give Real Recognition by appreciating everyone involved and recognizing each person for all they do.
Q: Why is it so important to give proper acknowledgment and full attribution to people for their contributions?
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