onthespotcroppedThe most effective kind of recognition is immediate and instant recognition. This kind of recognition truly makes the link between the recognition received and the behaviour exhibited. Our programs give everyone the tools and the push they need to highlight behaviors that lead to achievement.

Program Solutions

• On the Spot & Day to Day Recognition
Rideau’s tools and solutions can help you achieve any of your corporate goals. Rideau understands what motivates your team and how you can encourage the specific behaviors you seek. Immediate recognition is the most powerful, effective and meaningful recognition available. Our systems will help manage as well as encourage the recognition process for increased morale and productivity.

• Peer-to-Peer Recognition Tools
Peer-to-peer recognition is an essential component to the development of a true recognition culture within any organization. It expands the ownership and responsibility of saying “Thank You,” “Congratulations!” and “Well Done” to everyone in the company. Our recognition tools give employees the conduit to recognition they need for increased and immediate peer appreciation.

• Employee Contests & Incentives
Rideau’s tools and solutions can help you achieve any of your corporate goals. Our creative contests and incentives strategies will help you immediately spot and reward the behaviors you’re looking for and keep your employees engaged and excited.
How do we do it?

• Custom-designed incentives
• Website branded to your corporate image
• Complete system and database administration
• Points management
• Our program’s award vehicle can be personalized to your preferences, they may be:
– Points
– Levels \ Achievements
– Reloadable debit cards
– Discretionary

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