Hard Work and Determination Spell Success

Hard Work and Determination Spell Success

We have all heard the adage, “Bloom where you’re planted”. Shannon Bell has taken this advice to heart.

Valerie collecting trash

Committed to Making a Difference

In 2009, Rideau welcomed Valérie Duchesneau as its new environmental projects coordinator. Always looking for a challenge, Valérie quickly saw that her new position at Rideau …


bikes 6 - Cristal

A Ride to Conquer Cancer

It was a very long ride under two very rainy days and despite the fact that Cristal legs were on fire, she pushed herself to do it.


Boat People – Courage and New Beginnings

In 1975, a family consisting of parents, their three children and a grandmother escaped from Vietnam. They left everything behind including their…

Michelle Verville

The Courage of a Fighter

We rarely achieve success on our own. True success in life is very often the result of helping others achieve their own success. Here’s a story about someone who made a difference…


The Courage to Dream

Our lives are influenced by those that inspire us along our journey of life. We tend to emulate those that we either admire from a distance or up close. The following story is about a man and woman who…