Safety_ProgramsRideau believes that encouraging people to live healthier lives will inspire a more positive workplace. Having a happy and healthy workplace leads to high morale, high productivity and low turnover. Further, Rideau takes you a step beyond the usual wellness program by incorporating incentives and recognition for a more robust and powerful solution.

Program Solutions

• Safety Award Programs & Incentives
Drive your employees to be mindful about safety, keep it top of mind and get your employees engaged about safety through reward incentives. Recognize your employees for exhibiting the behaviors you’re looking for.

• Safe Driving Award Programs
Road safety is a very important issue that affects not only your employees, but everyone on the road. Our safe driving programs will sensitize your employees and keep safety top of mind. Our programs are fully customizable; Rideau will work with you to find the best way to reach your employees.

• Health & Wellness Programs & Incentives
Encouraging wellness in your workforce is one of the keys to unlocking a more productive and energized team of employees. A program which encourages employees to adopt healthier lifestyle habits will translate itself in low absenteeism, high productivity and loyalty.

How do we do it?

• Custom-designed incentives linked to wellness
• Website branded to your corporate image
• Complete system and database administration
• Points management
• Our program’s award vehicle can be personalized to your preferences, they may be:
– Points
– Levels\Achievements
– Discretionary

Learn about our other recognition programs.

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