Hard Work and Determination Spell Success

We have all heard the adage, “Bloom where you’re planted”.  Shannon Bell has taken this advice to heart. In her short tenure at Rideau she has moved from maintenance staff to Call Centre team lead in just four years. Her enthusiasm for her work and her appreciation of having landed at Rideau is evident when one chats with her about her career.   “There are a lot of opportunities at Rideau”, she says, “you have the chance to build your career here.”

Inside(3)Prior to Rideau, Shannon worked in retail and service positions, including stints as music store clerk and a butcher’s apprentice at a grocery store. That position, in a male oriented milieu, was a challenge for Shannon and, as a result, she found herself at an employment agency that placed her in a maintenance position at Rideau.  After three months of vacuuming and cleaning, Shannon’s supervisor helped her obtain an interview in Rideau’s shipping department. Four months later and Shannon had another interview and she was hired as a customer service representative in the Call Centre.

The Call Centre environment has turned out to be a perfect match for Shannon’s skills, interests and personality. Within eight months after she began, Shannon took on a training role in the Call Centre, helping to train new staff. Soon, she was creating reference materials about Rideau’s departments and processes to help customer service representatives provide concise, clear explanations and helpful assistance to Rideau customers.  Shannon was promoted to Call Centre team lead just 22 months after she began there due, at least in part, to her willingness to step up and help with training duties.

Shannon enjoys training and views it as a future career direction. She has an innate sense of how to prepare and present materials that respond to trainees’ different learning styles. She also enjoys sharing her insights with others on how to respond to customers while assuring that each customer feels listened and responded to in a satisfying way.

Shannon’s dedication to exceptional customer service and willingness to pitch in with training and coaching new call centre staff was recognized in 2010 when she was awarded two Rideau Excellence Awards. Managers and peers may nominate employees for these awards with the winners chosen via a thorough selection process. The Outstanding Customer Service Award honors employees for “providing outstanding customer service at a consistently high level” or “advocating for improvements that enhance customer satisfaction”. The Extra Mile Award is awarded to employees who “showed support to colleagues, encouraged teamwork and unity”, or “demonstrated positivity while making the work environment a better place” among other attributes. As part of the nomination process Shannon’s managers wrote that “she continues to excel and help the call center and admin with her support and leadership as we train staff on new programs” and commented that “She is a true model employee and of the rarest kind”.

Shannon’s Rideau journey has just begun and she is certain that she has found a company where she wants to remain. However, three promotions over the course of four years are not due solely to a well-developed career ladder. Shannon’s intelligence, enthusiasm, and drive have everything to do with her success at Rideau.

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