coat of arms
In November 1991, Rideau became the first Canadian company to be granted its own Coat of Arms from The Heraldic Authority, part of the Office of Her Excellency, The Governor General of Canada.
The shield’s colors of gold and silver drawn in a pattern of snowflakes, signifying the fact that Rideau was the first Canadian company to successfully craft the most important and prestigious awards in Canada. It also reflects the precious metals we use to create our products. The jewels in the crown denote the priceless nature of Rideau’s workmanship. The Griffin and the Stag, standing on the banks of the Rideau River, represent the company’s two founding families and their origins.
The Governor General’s lion at the top of the crest holds dies that Rideau created and is symbolic of our personal service to Her Majesty’s Vice-Regal Household.
Our Latin motto OPUS EXCELLENTIAE means “impressions of excellence.”
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