Google: Search Inside Yourself

Guest: Chade-Meng Tan, Google’s Jolly Good Fellow (which nobody can deny) and author of Search Inside Yourself. How do we live our higher purpose? One of Google's earliest engineers, Meng has [...]

Smart Trust

Guest: Greg Link, the co-author of Smart Trust written with Stephen M.R. Covey. What are the warning signs of a low trust environment? Greg is the cofounder of CoveyLink, FranklinCovey’s Global [...]

The Work Revolution: Freedom and Excellence for All

Guest: Julie Clow, author of The Work Revolution: Freedom and Excellence for All. What is the #1 leadership skill? Julie joined Google in 2006 and spent five years there focusing on team [...]

HR Executive Perspective: Retaining & Engaging

Guest: Kim Reese, Vice President Human Resources at Skogen's Festival Foods. What are the big challenges people in HR are facing today? Festival Foods is a family-owned company operating [...]