Service_Awards_0Service programs should be an integral part of your overall recognition strategy and an influential tool in your efforts to express and reinforce your unique corporate culture. In fact, they provide an ideal opportunity to focus on every employee, one person at a time.

Program Solutions

• Career Service Recognition Program
Rideau offers a traditional web based recognition program that highlights employee milestones. It’s designed to highlight this significant event with a recognition experience which extends far beyond the physical reward.

• Onboarding
Getting new employees acclimated to your company’s culture is a rich endeavor which can pay dividends for an employee’s entire career. Rideau provides onboarding services designed to make the transition smooth, while impactful and aligned with your company vision.

• Retirement
Many people talk about first impressions; what about last impressions? Your brand lives on through the people that have built their careers in your offices, so create memorable and inspiring last impressions of your company.

• Anniversary Advisor
Rideau’s Advisor suite helps managers acknowledge important dates for your employees. Anniversaries will not go unnoticed with our automated advisories along with the delivery of a card ready to be personalized and delivered to the recipient by their immediate manager.

• E-cards
E-cards are a great way to provide immediate personalized greetings that can express praise, appreciation, value, thoughtfulness and recognition. The real power of e-cards its ability to get everyone involved.
How do we do it?

• First class administration and support
• Robust technology
• Personalized real time reporting and analysis
• International award fulfillment
• Award choices that reflect your corporate culture
• Award personalization

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