ctpat(1)One of Rideau’s foremost priorities is its recognition technology security.

C-TPAT, or Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, is an initiative aimed at ensuring trade safety. Unfortunately, the world has become a more uncertain place in regards to security, therefore US customs conceived of a voluntary initiative between government and businesses to strengthen supply chain and border security. Today this initiative is called C-TPAT. Canadian Customs followed suit and created PIP, or Partners in Protection.

Becoming certified by the CBP ensures security from every aspect of distribution. This includes rigorously defined procedures, thoroughly trained staff and uncompromising physical security. Further, under C-TPAT, companies must ensure every last member of the supply chain, from warehouse operators to carriers, have the same C-TPAT safety standards they themselves abide to.

In today’s uncertain world, Rideau is committed to recognition technology security. This ensures a safe environment for employees, suppliers and customers facilitating the delivery of first class recognition programs designed to increase employee productivity, employee engagement and decrease employee turnover.