ALCATEL-LUCENT CASE STUDYLucent faced a dilemma with its employee service award recognition program when they received word from their supplier, The Tiffany Company, that it was leaving the employee incentive business. Lucent viewed this news as an opportunity to review their recognition program and to find a service award supplier who could provide them with a “Best Practices” program that would accomplish the following:


Provide a web based program solution
Provide complete outsourced account management
Provide a diverse selection of recognition awards
Provide a seamless transition from the old program through a comprehensive implementation schedule

Lucent proceeded to publish an RFP and Rideau was one of four major recognition providers to achieve the second level of the RFP process. The companies who reached the final presentation process were OC Tanner, Michael C. Fina, MTM Jostens and Rideau. We presented our custom service award recognition solution in April and officially launched Lucent’s new program as soon as that October, just six months later. When asked why they chose Rideau, Lucent mentioned the following key decision factors.

Custom website:
Branded Program Theme
Unique Program Name “Innovations”
Lucent color themes
Lucent look and feel
Diverse Product Offering
Wide selection of symbolic, heritage and lifestyle awards
Custom Lucent logo rings
Lucent logo application
Program Communication Support
Creative launch package
Custom pocket folders
Custom solicitation elements
Administrative Technology
Full back-end program management reports
Rideau handles all account management elements
Lucent completely hands off
Comprehensive Customer Service
Dedicated 1-800 toll free Lucent service award line
FAQ section on website
Dedicated Rideau program customer service representative
Implementation Timeline
Easy transition from old service award supplier
Dedicated Rideau Recognition implementation team
Launched program on time and met all deliverables
Recognition Program Industry Experience
Outstanding references
Involvement with RPI
“Best Practice” recognition knowledge

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