How to Improve Performance Through Integrity, Trust, and Commitment by Frank K. Sonnenberg

I recently read the second edition of Frank K. Sonnenberg’s book Managing with a Conscience: How to Improve Performance Through Integrity, Trust, And Commitment.

a great read
Frank’s book made a powerful impression on me and confirmed a number of long-held beliefs pertaining to the soft side of leadership. It also provided me some good ideas on how to lead my company to success.
Throughout Frank’s book we learn how to survive in the 21st century very competitive information age. We learn about 9 intangible factors which many consider as “soft issues” but that Frank considers critical for lasting success.
Here are the nine intangibles:

1.Seek to develop employees who will be deeply committed to the organization’s mission and values and, most important, who will be passionate about reaching its goals.
2.Create an environment that stimulates creativity and innovation and reinvents itself every day.

3.Set priorities that focus the company’s efforts and people on the resources that provide the greatest potential return.

4.Believe that the main reason for the company’s existence is to provide service excellence to its clients and customers.

5.Be able to continually adapt to a changing marketplace.

6.Recognize that time is both a valuable resource and a fixed commodity and, therefore, that speed provides a competitive advantage.

7.Build a flexible organization by collaborating with other organizations.

8.Emphasize that personal networking provides a highly efficient and effective way to solicit ideas, access new sources of information, increase business development and attract new hires.

9.Understand that a foundation of trust between an organization and its employees, suppliers, and clients is what brings and keeps people together.

Integrity, trust and commitment are key building blocks for companies that desire a sustainable success and, as the title suggests, we learn more about how these intangible factors can be used every day.
Great companies don’t just happen. They own great brands and are managed by great people. Great leaders know that integrity, trust and commitment creates long-term success in the information age.
I, for one, will be using Frank’s guidelines in the future.

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